Get to know our two new interns

Get to know our two new interns

Megapro wants to give a very warm welcome to our two new interns Maren and Martin, who joined our team on July 2nd and will work with us until mid-September. Find out more about them below.

Who we are
We are Maren and Martin and live in the southwest of Germany. To be more precisely I (Maren) live in a small village between Stuttgart and Freiburg and Martin lives in Speyer just two hours north. We study Business Administration at the Cooperative State University DHBW which combines work and studies. Through alternating between University and the workplace, we gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience throughout the company by getting to know every commercial department. During these studies we can either do an internship or a theory semester abroad. Both of us wanted to take this chance and join a foreign internship.

But why Canada?
Wishing to go to an English-speaking country outside of Europe, Canada offers the best possibilities to gain unforgettable experiences with its beautiful landscapes, very kind people and Vancouver known as one of the most livable cities.

Why Megapro?
Working in big companies with 1,000-2,000 employees at home, we have now the opportunity to be part of a smaller, family business. The organization “INTERNeX Canada” helped us connecting with a company that fits to our interests. Founded by Hermann Fruhm, and his wife Marilyn, 25 years ago, the company with under 30 administrative employees provides us the best possibility to expand our practical know-how. Since industry is our field of study, with Megapro we will get insights into all processes in an industrial company. Our tasks will be mostly in the Marketing sector by posting on social media and analyze the development constantly.

Follow our progress
Connect with us by following Megapro on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Youtube or read our blog. Actually, we have already uploaded a few posts. Check them out, like them or write a comment and give us feedback.

We are happy to work here in a company that feels more like family than business and we are sure that we are going to have a great time in Canada, like all the other interns that worked at Megapro before!

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