How to Assemble IKEA the Micke desk; Explaining the Hardware

How to Assemble IKEA the Micke desk; Explaining the Hardware

As the new school year draws closer, many young people will be moving out for the first time. Some will be going to college dorms, others will be getting their first place: Cue the need for affordable DIY furniture and figuring out how to assemble it.

When was the last time you assembled some DIY furniture? Did you curse out loud because you didn’t have the right screwdriver on hand? Or maybe the allen wrench gave you a blister?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting together DIY furniture is using the wrong screwdriver for different screws and end up stripping the fastener making it impossible to continue on the project.

DIY Expert Paul Ricalde walks us through how to assemble an IKEA Micke Desk, and clarifies the different types of IKEA hardware that come with a kit. For example- can you tell the difference between a Pozidriv and Phillips screw? Pozidriv’s are very popular in Europe, so many DIY furniture kits feature this type of screw, especially for hinges.

Stop feeling frustrated and see how Megapro can help you assemble the IKEA Micke faster and easier in this brand new video:

Megapro offers multi-bit screwdrivers that have 14 of the most popular tips you need in the household in one convenient, organized place. We also have replacement bits to cater to your needs. For DIY furniture, you absolutely want a 4mm hex bit to replace the tiny, uncomfortable Allen wrenches that come it.

Another job made easy, with Megapro.