Projects Aplenty

Projects Aplenty

Since we’ve all be spending more time at home these days, who else is taking it as an opportunity to finish up some jobs around the house?

With the weather turning by the day, it makes it so much easier to find some motivation while sticking close to home. Painting, yard work, deck scrubbing, building – there’s always an endless list it would seem.

We’ve got some great videos on YouTube featuring Paul Ricalde if you need some inspiration! Try your hand with downspout installation or putting up a closet rod without power tools! Yes, it can be done!

We’re really loving the Original 15-in-1 this month for all of our projects including birdhouse building, patio furniture, bike, and little red wagon assembly. 


What projects have you decided to pull out, start, or finish up? We’d like to hear about them. Tag us and use the hashtag #megaprotools on your social accounts and let us know how you’re using our products to help around the house!