Spring Starts

Spring Starts

The year is always filled with lots of "starts", don’t you think? New Year’s Day, Spring, Fall, School, new jobs…there’s always something! A fresh start, a new start, a slow start, a hard start, an uncertain start and a “start” for everything in between.

Knowing that, do you prepare any differently for your job sites and home projects?  Pause and take 5 and think about what you want to accomplish this “new start”. Is it assembling lawn furniture for your wife, putting together the kid’s bikes, mounting a rack to your truck for hunting season, taking on a new contract for work, getting the grill cleaned and camping gear sorted? There’s never a shortage of starts that throw challenges our way, so buck up, we’re here to help!

Whatever your new start this time around might be; there’s a quality screwdriver fit for the job. Let us be first to cheer you on with some handy suggestions for making those projects efficient.

Our go-to drivers right now are:

The ratcheting 13 in one that delivers 225 inch lbs of torque strength and comfort grip, makes assembly projects a breeze.

The ShaftLOK driver is our second favorite right now with locking extensions and a slim profile. Tightly spaced, hard to reach projects are made easy with the bits are locked into place while working.

You’ll find these durable, made in America, made in Canada products on our website at www.megapro.net

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