Tamperproof Drivers

These drivers are the #1 choice for MRO trades people around the world. Tamperproof screwdrivers are designed for the security fasteners used in a variety of public settings. The original Tamperproof 15 in 1 features a unique bit load with 7 double-ended security bits; such as torx pin, hex pin, and spanner bits. The Tamperproof 2 driver features 14 of next-generation security bits. For an ultra premium, comfortable experience, we created the Ratcheting Tamperproof driver which has 6 double-ended bits and the signature Megapro rubberized handle and super-tight 28 tooth ratchet. No need for ratchet? We have the True Grip Security driver with the same bit load and rubberized handle without the ratcheting mechanism.