Our Story


Here’s to 25 Years of Making the Favourite Screwdriver of Tradesmen around the globe.

Back in the late eighties Hermann Fruhm had a sudden realization that changed his family’s life. Like lots of guys he spent time helping his Dad around the house home reno projects. It was during one of these DIY-filled afternoons, that the end cap came off the multi-bit screwdriver he was using and the bits flew in every which direction; ending up under boards, sawdust, and building materials. He knew there had to be a better way, and from that moment he was inspired to make something better.

Hermann knew nothing about inventing, prototyping, and manufacturing, and maybe it was his ignorance, or maybe his perseverance that allowed him to dive in with such gusto. It all began with sketches and clunky prototypes which helped to land some investors. Before they knew it, Hermann and his wife Marilyn were building an international, manufacturing company.

Megapro officially incorporated in 1994 in the basement of their home outside of Vancouver, BC. Publications like the Vancouver Sun, The New York Times, and Popular Science along with many other bloggers have been writing about Megapro since then. The Megapro has also been featured on some TV commercials and movies! By 1997 Megapro was exporting to Germany and here in North America which gave Hermann and Marilyn the ability to quit their day jobs and take a chance on this company. 

Over the last 25 years there have been many iterations of the screwdriver created for specific trades and industry segments. Hardworking people everywhere appreciated Megapro’s attention to detail and our solid, North American-made quality.


Megapro is always looking for talent. Check out our openings here.