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We were pumped to share our brand new 24-in-1 Precision Screwdriver with you in your Fall Tool Crate, and are glad you've come to learn more about the Megapro advantage. We've been making the favourite screwdriver of Tradesmen around the globe for over 25 years and are in the kitchen drawers of many households. Our screwdrivers are made in North America using patented technology to give you ultimate comfort and usability while on the job. The retractable cartridge keeps your bits organized and handy and the Palm Saver Cap makes it easier to work with one hand or with tight tight screws.

 Megapro Screwdriver Display

If you love the 24-in-1 Precision driver, you'll love our 15-in-1 Original Screwdriver with the most popular bit loads. Or try our ratcheting driver, with 28 ratcheting teeth which allow you to turn just a little further at a finer degree. Work in plumbing, outdoor, or other moist environments? The Stainless Steel driver is rust resistant with the stainless steel shaft and electroless nickle-plated surface bits. Whether your using a Megapro on the job, or in your home, we have a driver for you. Check out our full product suite.

Don't forget to pullout the promo code sent in the Fall Tool Crate for 20% off your order over $50.

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