Custom engraved Megapro original screwdriver with black gift box


Promotional Screwdrivers

Align You Brand with the Quality of Megapro

Are you looking for the perfect gift or promotional item for your staff, clients, and/or prospects? Why not give them the gift of Megapro? The Megapro Tools brand represents premium quality and will show recipients that you do too.  We offer co-branded and individual branded options and can customize based on your needs. Customization options include: handle color, cap color, imprint color, and bitload.

Available Colors

Blue Pantone 2146 C
Yellow Pantone 109 C
Blue White Pantone 11-4601 TCX
Black Pantone 3 C
Red Pantone 186 C
Orange Pantone 165 C
Neon Green Pantone 802 C
Charcoal Pantone 11 C

Available Bits

Pick your bit load based on an existing Megapro Tools driver, or review the Master List of all available bits to customize your own.

Promotional Imprinting Inquiry

  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 per driver type.

  • Custom Configuration

Free shipping

Free shipping to the continental USA on orders over $50 pre-tax.

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