June 22, 2023

Read about the experience making a Custom Screwdriver through an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) project we completed with Linus Media Group.

Screenshot 2023-05-29 091822This past weekend marks an exciting milestone in Megapro Tool's history and we are extra excited because we get to share it with you! Something you may not know about Megapro is that, in addition to manufacturing the screwdriver's that you know and love, we also offer "OEM" work. This means that there are brands out there in the world that are Megapro manufactured, but not Megapro branded. While some of these drivers have won international awards, normally we don't get the chance to talk about them because they are not our brand product. Today, thanks to our phenomenal client, Linus Tech Tips, we are able to share one of these very experiences. 

MicrosoftTeams-image-1Saturday, August 27, 2022 marks the launch of the LTT Screwdriver where Linus and team set up a Pop Up Shop for the driver we've been working on with them for the over the last three years. This event drew in a crowd from all walks of life with people driving to the Surrey, BC pop up from Portland, Seattle, Vancouver Island, and more! The line up for the shop was around the block and at times we had to close the doors to prevent over capacity. eyrhdtykgui-1Linus and his team revealed the driver with a comprehensive live stream of the event, where he received lots of honest feedback from the attendees. Check it out to see all of the incredible fine details of the driver and skip forward to the 57-minute mark to find a Megapro fan who brought his 10+ year old Original 15-in-1 to the event!

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)-1He wasn't the only customer who brought in an old Megapro. This well-used Megapro Stainless Steel 15-in-1 was brought in by a customer who asked Herm to autograph it! How amazing!

We often talk about how amazing our customers are and how grateful we are to be able to work with them. That is an understatement here. We are proud to have worked on this project with the LTT team and couldn't ask for better partners on this whole experience. We are excited to see what the future holds, and excited to see you out there using your LTT drivers!


The only place to get the LTT driver is at the LTT store. They've already hit backorder status, but there is a schedule of future releases that you should absolutely jump on!

Here are a couple more photos from the event that we just HAD to share!


Excited Screwdriver Fan!
Our Very Own Linus Autograph
Linus & Kyle
The first in line, the first driver sold!
Again, we can't fully express how grateful we are for this team and the driver that was created. We are humbled at our inclusion on the packaging. Linus, Kyle, Nick, and really everyone we were lucky enough to communicate with at LTT has been a dream and we can't wait to see what's next!