June 22, 2023

Do you lose tools all the time? Jack did. It wasn’t usually a big deal; he’d just replace what he lost with something different so he could try something new – but then he discovered Megapro and his determination to keep his screwdriver amplified.

We came across Jack when our Niles Shipping Coordinator saw him walking down a hallway with a Megapro strapped to his belt. “Hey! Is that a Megapro?” they called down to Jack, and story time began. Turns out Jack is an unofficial ambassador for our drivers and is constantly telling people about his favourite tool. He was thrilled to connect with us directly and shared a couple of his favourite stories both on the spot in that hallway, and later when we were able to give him a call to hear more.

Jack does repairs, often on vending machines, which is what he was working on in his favourite Megapro story. He was working in a waiting room adjacent to the ER Heli-pad at a local Indiana hospital when he heard the chop chop chop of an incoming copter. A patient was rushed into the building, but the helicopter didn’t leave right away like it normally would. A moment later the pilot came into the waiting room and saw Jack. He did a quick look around the room and said “hey, do you have tools I can use?” Of course, Jack was happy to oblige. The pilot needed a Torx driver and without wasting a second Jack passed him his Original NAS Megapro, letting him know there was a Torx bit in the handle. The pilot beetled off back to the helipad where he used the driver to fix a ventilation panel that was rattling around. In a quick second everyone had what they needed, and Jack’s driver was back safely in his hand. As the pilot was walking away Jack called to him, “Hey! Did I help save a life today?” With the slow motion feel of a Top Gun moment, the pilot turned around and gave Jack the thumbs up. Even if it wasn’t a life saved, it was certainly an annoyance addressed and Jack believes that pilot went out and grabbed his own Megapro when the day was done.

That wasn’t the only story Jack had for us, though it was the most fun. Jack also told us about the time that he almost lost his Megapro but was having none of that. He was working on a vending machine out of town, and when that was all said and done, he packed up his truck and started the trek home. He was more than 50 miles into his journey when he glanced at his tool bag on the front seat and noticed that his Megapro was missing. Losing tools wasn’t a big deal before, but Jack didn’t want to get a new Megapro, he wanted his Megapro and with a quick U-turn he was heading back to the job site. He could picture where he had left it: on top of the ice machine. The entire drive back he listed to himself all the jobs he wanted that driver for and hoped it was still there. Sure enough – there it was, on top of that ice machine, just waiting for him to return. While he added an extra 100 miles to his trip that day, it was worth it to get back his favourite tool.

Thanks for the stories Jack!

Do you have a Megapro story you want to share with us? Email and give us the details. If you’re story is selected for sharing on our blog, we’ll send you an engraved driver!