We recently had a chance to speak with Patrick O’Brien, Corporate HSE Manager for a local electrical company, about the importance of worksite safety and how Megapro screwdrivers can contribute to the improved longevity and health of those who use them on the job.
July 03, 2024

As industrial grade tool manufacturers, we know that our screwdrivers are going to be used repeatedly and in some very tough conditions on the jobsite. This is why we’ve factored in an ergonomic design to improve comfort in use, along with the other host of features that improve our driver function. After speaking with Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Patrick O’Brien, we discovered there are even more health benefits using Megapro screwdrivers can deliver to those who use them in the field. Let’s dive in and see what they are!

Your role requires you to be involved with the health and safety measures taken on jobsites?

Patrick: Yes, my role is overseeing health and safety and making sure there are procedures and plans in place to properly train workers. A big part of this is getting ahead of repetitive injuries. When a new hire starts with our company, we take the time to educate them about their body and dynamic movements and the soreness that can come in the first few weeks of a new, physically demanding job.

A part of that is teaching someone how to properly use tools, for example a screwdriver. Maximizing the use of the tool and minimizing strain is important and quality tools that are designed with that in mind are the ones we encourage our employees to use.

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So, this is why you recommend Megapro Drivers to workers you come across. What are the benefits of using Megapro drivers from a safety perspective?

Patrick: Absolutely. For starters, the handle shape and how the driver is customized to your hand. It’s not like holding a brick. It can be easily used in both hands and works for different hand sizes. We’re not all the same hand size now as the dynamics of the construction industry have changed. Having a tool that is easy to use and reduces the strain of repetitive use for everyone starting in this industry is important.


And because the driver holds bits so well it can be used in tight spaces for those awkward reaches. The driver sits nicely in your hand and the screws fit snug in the tips, so you aren’t bumbling around or hurting yourself having to use two hands while spending time in an awkward position. The less time you spend in that position the less likely you are to injure yourself.

Another thing to consider is how you can remove extra weight you’re carrying around. Having a multi-bit screwdriver reduces the number of tools you’re carrying so by keeping the weight down it’s easier on your body. Plus, if you find yourself up a ladder, having all the bit tips you need in one tool means fewer potential trips up and down, reducing the chance of any accidents.

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You can just tell it’s a good product when you use it and at the end of the day tools that help make your job quicker and easier will benefit your body in the long run.

Who are the people in your company that care about the health and safety implications of using hand tools, and why?

Patrick: The emphasis we put on health and safety is company wide, from the president down. We have a president who started on the tools, and worked his way up so he understands the value of doing what we do and investing in our staff’s longevity. It’s one of the reasons we recently included Megapro screwdrivers in gift bags that were given to our staff in celebration of 80 years in business. The screwdriver is something they can use and appreciate and is an investment in their long-term health as a tool that helps prevent potential issues with repetitive use.

In the electrical industry, you could work up until you’re 80, as long as you’re taking care of your body and mind. Not every trade is like that but if you can take the steps we promote to prevent injury, you can enjoy a greater quality of life throughout your career.

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Our thanks to Patrick for taking the time to go over his role and providing us with this valuable information. There’s no doubt that picking the right screwdriver can help keep you in the industry longer, so check out our selection here and start investing in your long-term health now, with Megapro screwdrivers.

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