June 22, 2023
  A reflection from the Megapro Tools team on how the pandemic helped us transform into being able to support our customers even better. From new guidelines to a new website experience, when the pressure hits, it's time to transform.
Unprecedented times. A phrase we’ve heard repeatedly and experienced like a tidal wave as we’ve navigated the last two years. The business we started over 25 years has changed tenfold across the decades, but we can honestly say that the obstacles we faced over this recent period of pandemic life has given us the pressure we needed to truly transform.

What does the evolution of Megapro Tools look like?

For starters, it looks like this Website. Updating our online experience to align with new tech expectations had to be prioritized because our ability to make face to face contact was drastically hindered. While we think the site-lift looks slick, it’s really the user experience that drove us to make this change. The new site has been built to get you to what you need faster and more directly. New sections, such as the  Lost a Bit  page, take the guesswork out of what you are looking for and the forms seamlessly integrate into follow up systems that flag different people depending on your need. This way you’re getting the quickest, most personalized response possible. If you’re a wholesale partner, it looks like our  Dealer  and  Distributor  portals where we’ll be releasing images, spec sheets, dealer promotions, and training videos. As we continue to explore more tech integration, we’ll be implementing additional tools to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

What about business operations?
A pandemic reflection 2
Business operations was another area that received a huge magnifying glass because of how the world changed. We had to improve our network systems to allow those who could work from home to do so and implement pandemic friendly safety measures to protect workers that needed to be in the factory. The supply chain crisis was close to home – which many of you ratcheting driver fans are aware of. While ratchets are not back in our online shop yet, we have been working tirelessly with partners to fortify the supply chain to ensure that we don’t see inventory gaps like this in the future, and you will start seeing ratcheting drivers from your nearest Megapro dealer soon. If you want to be notified when ratcheting drivers are back in stock online,  sign up for our newsletter.

What’s next?

The Megapro screwdrivers themselves will always be the trustworthy tool you know and love, but we will start looking a little different when you see us in store. We’ve updated the brand look to simplify your options and move away from plastic packaging. Plus, to highlight the fact that Megapro is the original inventor of the retractable bit cartridge (did you know? Other drivers don’t compare to our patented tech), you’ll start recognizing us by our new Megapro original seal of approval.
A pandemic reflection 3
It’s been a big couple of years, and we’ve learned a lot with the most important lesson being that we need to keep continuously evolving to serve you best. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear. Head over to our  feedback page and drop us a note.