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See how a passionate HVAC community inspired Megapro to level-up our multi-bit HVAC screwdriver.

February 09, 2024

Megapro recently sponsored the 4th Annual HVAC Tactical Awards show in Chicago, and I was the lucky guy who got to attend. Aside from the perk of getting an absolutely legit backpack as swag, Megapro was one of the bar sponsors, which meant I had to taste test the signature cocktail (it was a tough job but SOMEBODY had to do it)

Bar Sponsor 
Once things got rolling, we had the pleasure of speaking with different members of the online HVAC community throughout the night. It’s safe to say this industry has a bright future ahead of it thanks to these incredibly passionate individuals, in particular the visionary Ben Poole from @HVACTactical.

Ben Poole-1

The Job, the Show, and The Community

For those who may not know, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. These are the folks who keep us warm or cooled, aka comfortable, through the work they do. What makes HVAC so unique is the know-how you need from other trades to do the job. You need to be familiar with electrical, plumbing, and carpentry…just to name a few. This is an impressive knowledge base and shows the level of expertise HVAC technicians need to work in this field.


The purpose of the awards show is to honor and recognize content creators in the HVAC community for the dedication and passion they put into their work. There are many people in this trade using social platforms and podcasts to give tips, mentor newcomers, build the community, and make their industry the best it can be. Ultimately this all means better service and a better experience for their customers, which really resonated with us because that’s what Megapro aims to do every day.


Getting Involved to Serve You Better

We have a confession to make. It was amazing to connect with this community and learn more about their industry, but we also wanted to attend the show to improve our own product. Megapro has been offering a 15-in-1 HVAC screwdriver for years now and we thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss optimizing the driver bit load, especially because we have two versions depending on if you’re in Canada or the USA. What better way to find out what’s needed on the ground than getting on the front lines and speaking with HVAC professionals directly? (Many of them were very enthusiastic about the whole process!)


If you want to be part of the discussion, head over to our short survey and let us know your thoughts. We’ll be researching into the Spring and look forward to releasing the all-new HVAC bit load to you shortly after. To make sure you’re first to know, sign up for our newsletter.


We’d still love to hear from you even if you’re not in the HVAC Community. If you’re in a trade that builds up its community to offer the best customer experience, tell us about it. We love hearing from you.