June 22, 2023

While not an everyday occasion, furniture assembly is something most of us will have to tackle at home. Luckily the dynamic duo of the Megapro Original Screwdriver and the Megapro Hex Screwdriver can make things easier! A story from Jack.

We recently moved and were stoked to get my little guy a new bed for their new room! Living out my childhood fantasy of having a bunk bed might not have been the best choice for a kiddo who’s since decided they’re afraid of heights– but building it with my Megapro Dynamic Duo certainly was!


Screenshot 2023-05-31 103011

Maybe sharing this is throwing Dad under the bus, but my partner was adamant that he needed to be the one to build the bed to ensure it was tightened strong enough with proper safety, and who am I to stop someone from taking on the laborious task? 40-minutes later I was in there taking everything he had put together apart because he was also adamant that the bed frame pieces we received were manufactured wrong because the provided screws weren’t long enough and he abandoned the building zone.

Screenshot 2023-05-31 103316

Deep breath friends, I’ve got this. In fact, I knew I had this so well that I gave Dad back his drill and pulled out my handy dandy Megapro drivers. Sure, the drill could have worked, but the satisfaction of saving the day completely by hand was a shinier feather for my hat! With a quick rotation of the bed leg, I fixed the screw length “problem” and went on my way with the rest of the steps.

Most of the fastening on the bed needed a Phillips head screwdriver, so my Megapro Original was perfect. By pressing my hand on the butt of the driver and spinning it using the Palm-Saver Cap™, I was able to get the torque I needed to really tighten those screws to the level of safety that the hubs didn’t expect me to have. I also was grateful for the EZ Guide Collar™ which allowed me to maintain my driver alignment while spinning because I can get shaky hands. I was done with the Phillips part of the assembly in no time!

Screenshot 2023-05-31 103507As with most “assembly-required” furniture, the bed came with one of those little L-shaped Allen key tools. This was great because I opened my driver’s Retractable cartridge and simply matched up the size of which Hex bit I needed for this assembly. Why didn’t I just use the provided tool? Well – it’s no Megapro, so how time-consuming that would have been! I had to line the pieces up on the ground and hold them together, so I would have needed to pull out the Allen key and re-insert it into the head of the screw every half turn in my fastening (because the L would get blocked by the floor). Even a drill would have struggled due to bulk and the space between floor and screw, but with the Megapro Hex, I just pushed down on the end like before, and between the Palm-Saver Cap™ and EZ Guide Collar™ I was able to just spin spin spin in one continuous motion until everything was tight tight tight! 

Putting the bed together, not including the beginning take apart, ended up taking me about 3.5 hours (with the corresponding dresser too) which is not too shabby for Mom who also navigated 12 snack requests, 8 hug requests, 4 I’m bored complaints, and 2 loud noises that needed to be investigated through the build! I couldn’t have done it so “easily” without the help of these two drivers and so it goes without saying that having both the Megapro Original and the Megapro Hex is a MUST for my house. Oh! And I definitely passed the Dad “is this tight enough” test and got an apology for having to take over. He’s a really good partner, he just had a moment that day. Which I guess is totally cool because this blog wouldn’t have existed without it!

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