June 22, 2023

See what it’s like working for and with Megapro, in the words of someone who’s lived the experience.

This New Year, I found myself coming to the realization that there are in fact THREE certainties in my life: Death, Taxes and working with Megapro. In the past 12 years I have worked for the company twice, with five years of using their products sandwiched in between. This has given me a unique experience with Megapro Multi-Bit Screwdrivers, an experience I’d like to now share with you.


It all started in the fall of 2011. My first stint with Megapro was spent dealing with customers, entering orders and working in the graphics department (and by department, I mean just one As time went on, the thing that became abundantly clear, was the love people had for their Megapro screwdriver. The passion for the product was there, but I was starting to feel that the direction of the company was getting a bit stagnant, and as a result my own enthusiasm was starting to fade. I had worked with Megapro for five years and felt like I needed a change, so I made the difficult decision of saying goodbye and moved on.


I eventually ended up working in the trades a year later and much to my surprise, I found not one, but three different Megapro drivers in my tool bag on the first day of the job. I thought I knew the screwdriver backwards and forwards, but getting to use it on a day-to-day basis was when I REALLY got to know the Megapro screwdriver. It was a revelation! It was like finding out your mild-mannered, quiet co-worker goes skydiving on weekends and tours with a metal band in the summer.

My boss knew what he was doing when he loaded Megapro drivers into those bags. It gave me every advantage I could hope for. I was constantly getting into situations where I needed two or even three different bits in a tight space and thanks to Megapro I didn’t have to crawl out to get another driver. I was working quickly and efficiently. I would use my MEGAPRO so frequently I started keeping it in my pocket when I got to the jobsite. That is until I heard my fill of “Is that a screwdriver in your pocket?” jokes.

I came to LOVE those Megapro screwdrivers and how they made my job easier. I even forgave my Megapro Original for creating the perfect Phillips shaped dent in a customer's hardwood floor (could be chalked up to user error but the jury’s still out on that one).

Life in the trades however can be unforgiving on the body, and I wasn’t getting any younger. When an opportunity presented itself to come back to Megapro, it just made so much sense. I would have the chance to get back into graphics, exercise some creative muscle along the way and put out content that would allow me to engage with fellow Megapro fans. It was also very clear that the company is on the edge of something very exciting.


Wow, what a difference a few years makes! After having been here a few months, I know I made the right decision. The direction of the company is looking more promising than ever. Megapro is now a lean, mean, getting the job done machine! Some things haven’t changed, there’s still that same container of creole spice seasoning sitting on a shelf in the lunchroom (special shout out to our Super Fan and friend, Paul Ricalde) But the enthusiasm and excitement is at the highest level I’ve ever seen here. Megapro is primed to make a big splash in the coming years: You could say the atmosphere around here is ELECTRIC, so stay tuned.