June 22, 2023

Joining us all the way from Germany, our 2022 Intern, Tatjana, shares her internship experience at Megapro Tools


My name is Tatjana, and I am doing a 3-month internship in business development at Megapro. Originally, I am from Germany, where I just finished my bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. My greatest passion is to combine technology with business. That is the reason why I decided to enhance my knowledge in business, finance, accounting, and marketing with this internship. Moreover, I have chosen Canada, especially Vancouver, for my internship because I wanted to get to know the culture, enjoy the beautiful nature and practice my English in a business environment. My favourite part of Vancouver is the mountains and especially the stunning view after climbing to the top.

I am very glad that I got the opportunity to fulfill my internship at Megapro. From day one everybody was super welcoming towards me; plus, I love the work atmosphere and how supportive everybody is. It was impressive to see how many things are involved in managing a small business like Megapro. Everybody wears many hats, and when somebody needs help keeping up with their tasks the team gives support to make sure that everything succeeds. I specifically remember this one day when everyone, president to sales assistant, was in the warehouse packing orders because they needed to be shipped in time.

Something completely new for me was to getting to know all the different screwdriver types and bits. There are security bits, patented PL Robertson Bits, precision bits, and more. Since starting this internship, I keep seeing security screws, like the spanner/snake eye bit, when I am out and about, like on the bus or skytrain (subway).

Before my internship at Megapro, I didn't know that so many screw types exist and that they are tailored to different industries. For example, an HVAC specialist will have different bit needs than a mechanic. Moreover, I hadn't considered that some screwdrivers are susceptible to rust in moist environments (which is why Megapro offers a stainless steel version of their driver) nor that the type of material on the handle could make such a difference, as for example the rubber over mold on the Ratcheting or True Grip driver, which helps the screwdriver stay firm in your grasp when you're working with slippery solvent or oils. 

I also gained exposure to an extremely valuable skillset for the modern age: digital marketing. I used social media channels, like Pinterest and Instagram to promote and showcase Megapro's products. Afterwards, I analyzed which posts received engagement and optimized them.  I was also involved in creating new Google Search Ads campaigns, which turned out to be a science in itself. Who knew the selection of keywords and their connection to ad copy was so intricate and detailed!

My favourite tasks involved analyzing and measuring things. Megapro occasionally does competitive reviews to temperature check the market including a review of new trends emerging in the screwdriver industry. I was able to go visit stores and look at competition online, then create a document that compared Megapro to other Multi-Bit Screwdriver manufacturers based on different categories. It really showed how Megapro is a leader across it's competitors. 

I am very glad I was able to complete my internship at Megapro and I am sure that the skills that I acquired will help me in my professional life. It was a wonderful experience with an amazing team, and I wish Megapro and the whole team all the best!