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Read how 30 years of history inspired the creation of our special anniversary kit.
January 03, 2024

This year Megapro is offering a limited-edition set to celebrate 30 years as your go-to multi-bit screwdriver experts. The set highlights our history by showcasing three of our most popular drivers, each one telling the story of the decade they were released.

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THE ORIGINAL (1994-2004)

It all began with our 15-in-1 Original NAS (North American Standard) driver. It took a few years for Hermann Fruhm, our founder, to nail a design that would become THE signature form of  Megapro screwdrivers (still used to this very day) The Original 15-in-1 offered a selection of commonly used bits with patented features that became known as the Megapro Advantage. This breakthrough driver allowed us to grow until the early 2000's by offering the most functional multibit screwdriver on the market with a lifetime guarantee.

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THE RATCHETING (2004-2014)

The next screwdriver that drove our growth was the 13-in-1 Ratcheting Driver. Through a new business partnership in the mid 2000’s, the idea to create a Ratcheting version of the Megapro screwdriver was born. Its new features like a rubber grip handle and ultra-smooth ratcheting mechanism took the convenience we were known for to another level. This driver would set the standard for Megapro moving forward and is still widely considered one of the best multi-bit screwdrivers around.

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THE PRECISION (2014-2024)

Our latest innovation hallmark is represented by the 24-in-1 Precision Driver.  This screwdriver has proven to be a one-of-a-kind product. It eliminates the need for whole sets of precision drivers by turning 24 of them into bits, all stored in our world-class multi-bit cartridge. This driver is the latest example of how Megapro remains at the forefront of innovation while fulfilling our goal of making premium and functional screwdrivers that can get any job done.

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This set offers you the value and function of three distinct screwdrivers, each suited to a TON of different uses at the work site or at home. You'll also be able to own a piece of Megapro history with added collector value.  The set includes a slick custom case, perfect for driver storage when not in use or driver display if you’re an especially proud Mega-fan. The collectible drivers are also in original blue and yellow as a nod to Megapro being the “original” retractable cartridge.

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Also included are some very toolbox worthy holographic stickers and an anniversary timeline, detailing some of the landmark moments that made Megapro the company it is today. Read up on Megapro's history and see if you can find a hint about our next product to be released! This kit is perfect both as a collector’s item and as a premium driver set for someone looking to dial their screwdriver game up to 11.

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Our 30th Anniversary Set will only be sold this year and in limited quantities so sign up for our mailing list to get first dibs on this special release before they're all gone!

Written by: Patrick Cresswell

Patrick has a unique knowledge of Megapro products, having worked for the company for 5 years followed by using the screwdriver for the next 5 years as an appliance installer. He regularly continues to use Megapro Screwdrivers as a DIY enthusiast and is constantly forced to hide them from thieving houseguests.