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Join us on our deep dive into “dad culture”, as we figure out what exactly separates a regular dad from a MEGA-DAD?
June 01, 2024

Seeing as we’re a few weeks into our Father’s Day Giveaway (If you haven’t already, click here to enter) we thought it would be a good time to reflect on what it means to be a “MEGA-DAD”.

MEGA-DADS can easily be identified by the sparkle that appears in their eyes when handed a Megapro multi-bit screwdriver. The bond between screwdriver and MEGA-DAD is formed instantly, and they make it their mission to tell everyone they know about this cool new tool they’ve discovered.

For some time, we’ve had a group of scientists working around the clock to figure out WHY the MEGA-DAD responds so well to a Megapro, and we think we’ve narrowed it down to a few reasons that we’d like to now share with you.


MEGA-DADS know quality when they see it and won’t settle for 2nd best. That’s the reason they always have premium coffee beans in the cupboard, AAA beef in the fridge and a Megapro (or two) in the toolbox.

MEGA-DADS appreciate a product that goes above and beyond to offer quality across the board. A MEGA-DAD doesn’t cut corners but recognizes that work can be done easier and faster, especially by using the patented features of the Megapro Advantage.

A MEGA-DAD can get behind the durable construction of a screwdriver handle that has NEVER broken on a customer, in over 30 years of business!

And finally, the MEGA-DAD sticks with a company that will guarantee its product for life and will always stand behind their quality.



A fundamental part of being a dad is teaching the next generation what tools to use in the right situation. MEGA-DADS, being no stranger to this instinct, always know what Megapro screwdriver to use for the job. 

MEGA-DADS know to reach for the standard bit load of a Megapro Original driver when they’re fixing up a door hinge or tightening that loose railing.

When assembling furniture, a MEGA-DAD never reaches for Allan keys. No, that’s when the Megapro Hex driver makes an appearance, helping you put that bed together for junior in record time.

MEGA-DADS also know that no screw is beyond their reach with the help of a 6” aluminum driver extension.

With a full range of screwdrivers specializing in different areas, MEGA-DADS know that no matter the work being done, there’s a Megapro for the job.

Mega-Dad Kit


The DIY dad can sometimes be the butt end of a joke (we’ve all seen those commercials). We’ve also heard the horror stories about home renovations that go on and on. Replacing some tile somehow turns into completely gutting a house. These are the dads that have unfortunately lost their way.

Well, we’re here to tell you that there IS a better way. The MEGA-DAD way…

MEGA-DAD’s commit to getting a job done, the right way. The MEGA-DAD is a dad who uses the unparalleled quality and function of Megapro screwdrivers to finish what they start. Being a DIY hero is all about following through, and Megapro is here for all the aspiring MEGA-DADS out there with a message of encouragement: We’re here to help you get the job done!


That about sums up our “highly” scientific findings about what makes a MEGA-DAD. If your dad fits the above description, then let us know and you might just win a MEGA-DAD kit for Father’s Day. There’s no better way to show that you truly understand (and appreciate) your very own MEGA-DAD. Just ask Robert Redford...



PS: I think after writing this I’ve looked at the word “dad” so much it’s lost all meaning (does that ever happen to you? So weird, right!?)