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October 01, 2023

When it comes to working with small screws, you may think “Where could I possibly find a screwdriver for ants? ”


But since no such thing exists, go ahead and grab a Megapro 24-in-1 Precision Screwdriver instead.

Our Megapro Precision driver boasts a variety of features that make it the best precision driver on the market (that’s not just our opinion either!) And since your time is precious, here’s a quick breakdown of why our Precision driver is a must-own tool.


Our 24-in-1 is a breeze to use. It features our patented retractable cartridge for quick and organized bit selection (wouldn’t be a Megapro without it!) When you open that puppy, you’ll find 12 double-sided bits neatly stored and labeled. Finding that one tip you need is no longer a tedious chore! 

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The driver's compact and lightweight design allows for easy and ultra-precise movements. Another feature you’ll appreciate is the raised rubber grips that provide a finer turn capability and control. This is very handy when using the driver around delicate, technical (and sometimes expensive) components that you don’t want to damage. All in all, it is a versatile and highly precise tool that is very easy to use.


The selection of bits in our Megapro Precision driver is in a word, extensive. While other precision drivers are sold as sets to provide a variety of tips, our driver carries its full assortment right in the handle.

PRECISION Bitload_Horizontal

Our 24-in-1 is loaded with many of the standard microtips used with jewelry, glasses, and toys. Whether it’s a Phillips, Flat, Hex, or Star tip, this driver carries it.  

Our bit selection also covers security screws. You know, the ones that are used in phones or computers, where you need inner components to be securely protected or contained.

We also included some specialty bits for security applications, like the Triangular tip (found in toys and battery packs) and two Pentalobe tips that are commonly found in Apple devices. 

This wide array of bits means our Precision driver has your micro-fastening needs covered!


The design of our 24-in-1 Megapro Precision driver has your comfort in mind through every step of its use. The overmold of the driver is made of a soft rubber, providing a reliable and strain-free grip. This driver is small and lightweight, which makes it very comfortable to use in awkward positions or for extended periods of time.  

Another popular feature of Megapro screwdrivers is our palm saver cap, which allows for max comfort (and no blisters) while fastening screws. You’ll even be able to reliably use this tool with one hand, by turning the driver with your fingers as the cap rests in position against your palm.

(Pro tip: I find one-handed use of a screwdriver particularly nice in the morning when I almost certainly have a cup of coffee in the other hand)

Enjoy your coffee with a Precision Driver

And that about sums it up. Now you know why our 24-in-1 Precision driver is the best out there. You can see for yourself in this highly theatrical trailer showing the driver in use. 



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