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August 01, 2023

We’ve all gotten gifts that we use, gifts we don’t use, and every once in a while gifts that are so uniquely useful, we wonder how we ever lived without them. Well, Megapro’s ShaftLOK™ Holster Kit just so happens to be that kind of a gift.  

To fully appreciate how great the ShaftLOK™ Holster Kit is, you must first understand how great its individual parts are. The main feature of the kit is the ShaftLOK™ Multi-Bit Screwdriver, which in and of itself is a great tool. On top of that you get a 6” ShaftLOK™ screwdriver extension, which is really what pushes this kit from simply useful to always wanting it within arm's reach. Luckily the last item in the kit, the Megapro Tool Holster, will allow you to do exactly that.

The screwdriver itself is a masterpiece. It features a high-quality and durable design incorporating the incredibly functional features of the Megapro Advantage. The handle is made of a durable Triax® resin that just won’t seem to break (no matter what we try) The rotating guide collar and Palm Saver Cap™ offer great functionality and comfort when aligning with a screw and fastening with some major torque. The Original Retractable Cartridge carries 7 double-sided S2 steel bits, whose tips match the most commonly used fasteners in North America.

But what makes this driver different from our Original, or more “ShaftLok-y” (new hashtag inbound) is the modified shaft and bits. The bit tips are designed with flat ridges along the surface of each hex facing. This, combined with a specialized lever built into the shaft and a button that pushes the lever to release, makes the ShaftLok™ a fully locking screwdriver. Try as you might, when the lever’s engaged and hooked past those flat ridges, those bits are NOT coming out of the shaft. To top it off the shaft includes a magnetic pickup, so your screws will come along for the ride after use.

The best thing about the ShaftLOK™ driver system is the extensions. These extensions are an exact replica of the driver shaft. Same material, lever, unlocking button and magnetic pickup. They're also made in the USA, which is incredibly important to us. The diameter of these extensions matching the diameter of the driver shaft is also critical in terms of the functionality of the set. This means the extension can go in and out of most openings and tight spaces without getting stuck halfway or on the way back because of a wider extension base.

ShaftLOK Extension Demo Block
The kit comes with a 6” screwdriver extension, which is a great start for extra reach that will come in handy more times than you can imagine. There’s also a 10” ShaftLOK™ extension available. You can use either size with the driver, or both, or multiples of both! You can make your screwdriver reach
as long as it needs to be, which can be incredibly useful at times (I’ve actually considered calling the Guinness Book of World Records to see what the furthest fastening distance is because this driver and extension system has a chance to beat it!) 

When you’re done using the ShaftLOK™ driver and need a place to store it, look no further than the tool holster this kit comes in. It’s made of a durable nylon that won’t be ripping or tearing any time soon, and it's designed to fit right on your belt. The driver fits in perfectly and it also has a secondary pouch for the 6” screwdriver extension. But say one day you’re up against a whole mess of hex fasteners and need to use your trusty Multi-Bit Hex driver instead. Well, same driver shape, means same driver fit! This holster is compatible with all the original 15-in-1 handle drivers offered by Megapro, which makes it the perfect addition to your growing screwdriver collection. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve needed to access a fastener that was in behind a rat’s nest of obstacles. This driver and extension make those jobs a breeze. And the application of the screwdriver extension is so versatile, it can be used across multiple trades. Know any mechanics? This kit is perfect for accessing screws in tricky places you won’t normally be able to get to around engines. Know any plumbers? Well Mario can get back to the Mushroom Kingdom faster now that he can tighten those hard-to-reach sink clamps with ease. And the list goes on and on because everyone in a trade can use some extra reach from time to time, and our ShaftLOK™ Holster Kit provides exactly that. 

Now that you know everything about the ShaftLOK™ kit, you can see why it makes the perfect gift. Most people need to own a screwdriver and few if any screwdrivers offer the same function and versatility. This kit is so unique, the person you’d be buying this for likely won’t have anything even close to this. And on a personal level, I can tell you they will DEFINITELY make use of this screwdriver year-round, especially if they’re in the trades or like to tackle DIY projects around the house.

So go ahead and grab one for someone you know. You’ll be surprised at how much they end up loving it (but we won’t be 😉)