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Megapro's Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

December 02, 2023

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift this holiday season, look no further than the gift of Megapro. It’s our humble opinion that everyone should own a screwdriver and since we know this is a busy time of year, we’ve saved you some browsing time and came up with a list of the top 5 Megapro gifts that will surely “WOW” that special person on your list.

5) The Precision Driver

Our 24-in-1 Precision Driver is the perfect gift for the tech nerd in your life (that’s a term of endearment nowadays, right?) What could be better than giving someone the tool that helps them build that dream gaming PC or makes them the talk of their workplace because of that “super cool, little screwdriver” they proudly carry around.

The precision driver is a must own tool, not only for those in the tech industry but anyone who’s ever encountered a small screw that would otherwise be impossible to work with. This gift ensures that person will never have to suffer through the pain of not being able to repair glasses, jewellery or even change the batteries of a small toy.

So go ahead and gift the best precision driver on the market this year to that special someone. We guarantee the person who receives it will catapult you up the ranks of best gift-givers in their life!


4) The Ratcheting Driver

For the person who’s been extra good this year, we recommend gifting our 13-in-1 Ratcheting Driver. This driver is the Cadillac of ratcheting screwdrivers, as proven in last month’s blog. Just think how special someone will feel when they open this present and discover they’ve been given the gift of premium driver engineering and design.

This tool is the perfect gift not only for those who will be using their driver all day on the job, but also for those who like to fasten screws with minimal effort. The smooth 28-tooth ratcheting mechanism delivers 225 inch/lbs of torque, so they’ll be able to hold the comfortable rubberized cushion grip and let the screwdriver do most of the work. Nothing says I care about you like giving the gift of comfort, and our Ratcheting driver delivers that like no other.


3) The ShaftLOK Holster Kit

The full meal deal gift (with sneaky good value) describes our ShaftLOK Holster Kit perfectly. Not only does it include our incredibly useful ShaftLOK driver with locking shaft and bits, but you also get a 6” locking extension with a handy holster that holds both the driver AND the extension when not in use.

We promise this will be the most uniquely useful gift you give this year (maybe…ever) as the lucky recipient will be armed with a screwdriver that can tackle all jobs, including those hard-to-reach ones. As mentioned in our ShaftLOK Kit blog, this kit will be the standout gift that person receives and will have them wondering how they ever got by without it.

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2) Megapro Accessories

Have all your major shopping done? That doesn’t have to stop you from upgrading someone’s stocking with one of our awesome accessories. We have a wide variety of items available online that are perfect for those who already own a Megapro, heck even for those who don’t! Do they need somewhere to store their driver? We have a Holster and Kit case that do exactly that. Are they missing bits or needing new driver tips for different jobs? In that case we have full replacement bit packs that will provide them with the exact variety they need.

We highly recommend checking out our online store to see what handy little items you can gift this year. If our expert recommendation isn’t enough motivation, until the end of December all our accessories are 15% OFF, so go ahead and accessorize someone’s stocking with the gift of Megapro!


1) The Holiday Pack

And finally, the Megapro gift no person should be without this season, is our brand-new Holiday Pack. This item features our 8-in-1 driver that carries 7 of the most commonly used household driver tips, as well as a handy and versatile work light, all bundled up in a very affordable (and festive) package.

We can assure you that everybody on your list would find this gift set extremely useful (and when we say “everyone” we mean it) This pack is the perfect combination for any fix around the house and is even durable enough for use in workshops and on job sites.

This is the kind of present that can make the end of a gift steal a little wild, as EVERYONE tries to get it (so don’t say we didn’t warn you friendships could end if that’s what you’re buying it for!)

Holiday Pack - Opening Shot

By giving that special someone any of the above, you’ll be showing them just how much they mean to you by giving the gift of unmatched quality and function we proudly stand behind. So go ahead and wow that lucky person on your nice list, and remember, the Megapro Advantage is the gift that keeps on giving!

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